According to a "source", Nicole Richie misses the days when she could stay at Hyde during the wee morning hours instead of tending to baby Harlow. "Nicole really misses her carefree life. Before Harlow came along, Nicole never had to worry about anything. All she did was party with her friends and go shopping. Now she's totally overwhelmed by her new responsibility, even though she adores her daughter," the source tells MSNBC. • Prince Harry received a medal for his service in Afghanistan. He has definitely grown into quite the adorable Princelet. • Part two of the Tom Cruise Oprah interview airs today. Jerry McGuire costar Renée Zellweger says of Tom, "He was born with some magic about him, and you can't describe it, and you can't dissect what makes Tom Cruise special." Zellweger doesn't clarify if she meant special like short bus "special" or special special. [MSNBC, Dlisted, Us]