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Spencer Pratt says, "I know for 100%," that a Lauren Conrad sex tape existed. "I would never watch that...I would rather throw up... but I know for a fact [the tape exists], and I would take a lie detector test." Over it! • Want to see what could possibly be Anne Hathaway's booty? Click here! • Lou Reed wed longtime love, performance artist Laurie Anderson in a small, private Colorado ceremony earlier this month. That's Some Kinda Love! [Us,Evil Beet]

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I had no idea that Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed were even a couple, but she is fantastic.

Wonder if he inspired: "I've got a beautiful new red dress/ And you look really good standing beside me" in that song she did in which she reasons it will be the year 3888 before women and men make the same amount of money.

But I will always love her for:

"They say that heaven is like TV/ A perfect little world that doesn't really need you"