Loose Lips

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This is so sad. David Beckham gave his sweat-soaked jersey to two young boys after a Los Angeles Galaxy game at Hawaii's Aloha stadium. Now, the boys' parents are duking it out in court to see who gets possession of the jersey. "My son got the shirt, their kid started trying to pry it away," said Wilfred Ho, who is the mother of one of the boys. The entire thing is so unbearably tacky. • Benji Madden ran over a paparazzo's foot last night leaving a club with Paris Hilton in the passenger seat. Benji drove away, and the photographer has filed a hit and run report. These tools really need to get drivers when they go out to clubs. It would save them a lot of money and legal wrangling. • Yesterday Carmen Electra announced her engagement to Korn guitarist Rob Patterson; today the pregnancy speculation begins. [ CNN, TMZ, Celebitchy via dlisted]



@bananastand: I'd start with a used handkerchief, got to ease people into these things, you know?