Loose Lips

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Woa there, Lily Allen . Lil' allegedly said to a group of photographers last night in London that she "has a 'really good mouth' for and is the 'best in London' for...blow jobs." Sounds like Lily can do more than just "Smile"! • Carmen Electra is engaged to Korn guitarist and tattoo enthusiast Rob Patterson. There's no way this marriage will be shorter than her 10-day matrimonial hijinx with Dennis Rodman, so they have that going for them. • Rumor has it that Jimmy Fallon will take over for Conan O'Brien on NBC's Late Night in 2009. We have to agree with Michael K over at Dlisted on this one: "Great. Another dude replacing another dude. Can we please get some vagina on late-night already!?" [Perez, Us, Dlisted]



@pixie: i didn't know that, but as a fellow taurus i have to concur. i rule at the beej.

i remember reading that different astrological signs are associated with different body regions, and taurus is the mouth/throat. i hoped that would mean i would turn into a good singer one day...but now it is so much clearer...