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Loose Lips

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Poor Eve! The paw-boobed rapper had a minor panic attack en route to Australia for a performance. "Yeah, I was having a little panic attack. Getting up on stage in a different country always makes you as nervous as you are excited," she told the Australian Daily Telegraph. • Nicole Kidman is "really excited" for her son, Connor Cruise, 13, to make his big screen debut as a young Will Smith in Seven Pounds. Sigh. Another child fed into the Hollywood machine. • Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell opened up to People about her mother's Lou Gehrig's Disease. "It's been tough doing the show and trying to be happy and bright. My makeup artist has had to perform magic. But I'm ready to go public so that, in the future, other families hopefully won't have to go through what we are going through right now," O'Dell tells the mag. [Daily Telegraph, Us, People]


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@AnderBobo: like tom cruise is a nutjob, but you know what? he and katie go to all their kids' soccer games. ive seen one picture of nicole kidman at a premiere with her kids and it was only because it was that stupid movie she did that was for kids.

she is a horrible human being.