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UK tab The Sun says that Eminem will be performing at Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday party. Nelson Mandela and Eminem...a match made in, well, somewhere. • Vanilla Ice wife-pushing update: after his arrest last night on domestic battery charges, a Florida judge has ordered Ice to stay away from his wife. He can only contact her via phone and he can only have contact with his kids through one of his friends, TMZ reports. • Posh n' Becks were courtside at the Lakers game last night, and a fan says they were "signing autographs for kids" and just being regular folks. Aw, that's sort of endearing. [Dlisted, TMZ, Perez]


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@AbbyNormal: I watched that. It was (dear, dear) Jon, Denis Leary, Jeneane Garafolo and Chris Kattan doing a countdown of hilariously shitty music videos.

Miss that.

And I too went through an Eminem stage but even when I was in it...his lyrics were enjoyable offensive the way a joke makes you laugh more b/c it's shocking and UNCOMFORTABLE/well delivered than b/c its funny.

The romance of his nastiness is gone when I think how many genuinely stupid misogynstic assholes think that way and idolize(d) him for putting it so well.

But yes, supposedly, outside his lyrics—he's quiet and kinda soft-spoken, if cold.

And yeah that Moby/Triumph stuff was hardcore bullshit too.

@shiningstar: He IS good-looking, I'll give him that.

But his "if you get angry I'll just write more offensive lyrics b/c that's the kind of artist I am" style pissed me off...the homophobia, the Columbine bullshit...

It's obnoxious. I don't care who or what he was trying to show up.