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Loose Lips

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Sex and the City star Kristin Davis says no one on the show was ever pressured to lose weight. Davis told Us, "We've been in a nice situation where we've been appreciated for ourselves...I'm never going to be the thinnest actress in town. And I'm fine with that." • Toni Braxton was hospitalized for chest pains last night in Las Vegas. Braxton has spoken out about her heart condition, pericarditis, on behalf of the American Heart Association before. Feel better Toni! • Pete Doherty's in jail. Again. This time it's for violating his probation. Doherty missed a scheduled appointment with his probation officers and as a result has been sent to jail for fourteen weeks. [Us,People, Us]


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@Algren: That's exactly what I was trying to figure out.

I always feel conflicted when I hear actresses talk about how they are so secure in their bodies or how models keep full fridges because they love to eat. I think it's great that people are sending forth positive messages, I just don't believe that its true 90% of the time. Do other people feel this way, or am I just way cynical?