Loose Lips

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Rob Lowe Nannygate update! In addition to suing his nanny, Laura Boyce, for extortion, Rob and his wife Sheryl are also suing their former chef for getting it on with "third parties" in their marital bed and pilfering their medicine cabinet for his friends. So hard to find good help these days! • Angelina took Pax and Maddox to the Air & Space Museum yesterday morning. The boys toured Skylab! How educational. • Scary Spice Mel B. debuted her new clothing line, "Catty Couture" in L.A. yesterday. With all those animal prints, it kind of looks like Roberto Cavalli got drunk and barfed up these clothes. [TMZ, Us, Perez]


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Oooh, I love the Air and Space museum. I hope she got them freeze-dried ice cream. And I hope they appreciate the spider project my fourth grade teacher sent to Skylab when HE was in elementary school.

@honeybunchesofoats: Yeah, museums of any kind are boring when you're little. And they're not nearly as fun for the people who DO want to be there. Not that, ah, I have any experience with whiney younger siblings ruining my museum experiences.