Loose Lips

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Anne Hathaway's shady bf, Raffaelo Follieri, was reportedly just arrested for bouncing a $250,000 check. In addition, Follieri was just ordered to pay another $250,000 to a PR firm he stiffed. It sounds like he's really gonna need that PR right about now.• A poll of porn stars at a Bulgarian "erotic fair" shows that David Beckham is the star they would most like to bone. Should he change his last name to Feckham? • Did Marc Anthony buy J. Lo $2.6 million earrings as a push present? Rumor has it the expensive baubles have the letters "M" and "E" for their children Max and Emme engraved on them. [TMZ, The Sun, Dlisted]

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I'm surprised there's no pornstar named David Feckham yet.

And how fitting that J.Lo's $2.6 million earrings spell out ME.