A source tells People that Jamie Lynn Spears has been flashing an engagement ring around Kentwood. Wonder if she'll save her baby from bastardom! • Those reports about Heath Ledger being worth a mere $145,000 are false, says TMZ: "We're told Heath has considerably more assets than the $145k. On top of that, sources say he lived all over the world and was smart enough to know all of his money shouldn't sit in the U.S., where taxes are a bitch." • Spencer Pratt's new advice column is up and running on Radar's website. Here are his sage words to a girl who drunkenly peed her boyfriend's bed: "This is a situation you do not want to find yourself in. I personally would never want to be with a girl who gets so wasted that she's pissing in bed. It's time to sign up for AA, my dear, because drunks are not sexy." [People, TMZ, Radar]