Kirstie Alley has inked a deal with Oprah's Harpo Productions to create television shows, possibly including her own talk show. Is Oprah a Scientology crony? Can you think of another logical reason to employ Kirstie Alley? • Ethan Embry, the adorable boy-next-door hero from Can't Hardly Wait, just settled a lawsuit with his ex-girlfriend, a Deal or No Deal model named Angelina Roudeva. Embry had allegedly left Roudeva by the side of the road after he crashed his motorcycle, and instead of calling 911, he tried to treat her shoulder injury at home with ice and rubbing alcohol. Ethan sounds more like the asshole-next-door these days! • Is Lilo dating Samantha Ronson for reals? The evidence: Lindsay was photographed wearing a ring with the initials "SR" on it. [Gabsmash, TMZ, dlisted, last item]