Loose Lips

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Some moron with a rifle was arrested on the roof of Kate Hudson's New York City residence. He was with another young dude and a camera and the pair claim they were shooting a movie. Even if that's true: what a dumb idea. • The actress who played Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island, Dawn Wells, was busted with pot in her car. She needed something to pass the time on that damn island! • The cheeky Tracey Ullman will be back on TV with her new sketch comedy show State of the Union, premiering on March 30 on Showtime. Click here to check out pics of Tracey impersonating Renee Zellweger, Suzanne Somers, and Helen Mirren. [Us, TMZ, Popbytes]

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Tara Incognita

@BAngieB (Y'all? I'm On Notice):

How much weed do you need for a 3-hour tour?

This cracked me up. And I want to take the opp to say that, as a fellow Southerner, I appreciate you spelling "y'all" correctly. Not that I'm the spelling cops, but for some reason, that one gets under my skin.

As we were...