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Loose Lips

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Lisa Marie Presley is suing the Daily Mail for writing an article mocking her weight gain. She says the article "forced" her to announce her pregnancy." • Speaking of weight gain, Valerie Bertinelli said she embarked on her Jenny Craig journey because Victoria Principal implied she was chubby. "She asked point-blank how much I weighed... Nervously, I told her, 168, and it almost took her breath away. It was the kind of politely horrified reaction that had turned me into a Hollywood hermit." • Paris Hilton has been wearing a ring on her ring finger with the initials "B.M." branded on it. Some say it stands for Paris's new flame Benji Madden, but in our hearts it will always stand for bowel movement. [Reuters , National Post, Us Weekly]


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While I dislike both the Daily Mail and Victoria Principal, I think Valerie & Lisa Marie should be told that they don't necessarily have to answer every question that is asked them. No one forced Lisa Marie to tell anyone she was preggers. Who cares if the Daily Mail thinks you're fat? And why would you tell Victoria Principal how much you weigh? I would think both of those incidents can be solved with the phrase "Why do you even care how much I weigh?"