Loose Lips

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David Beckham is the new "face" of Sharpie. It would be fun to draw a fake mustache on a Posh poster with a Sharpie — is that why they chose him? • Us has a slideshow of celebrities' "Secret Stripper Pasts." Diablo Cody and Anna Nicole Smith were included. Uh, Cody's stripper past was so "secret" that she wrote an entire book about it, and Anna Nicole...yeah. Not secret. Someone send Us a clue. • Jennifer Aniston was spotted nursing a lychee martini (yum!) after a long day shooting the film adaptation of John Grogan's popular puppy memoir Marley and Me in Miami. Owen Wilson will play John Grogan, and Jen plays his wife. [Dlisted, Us, People]

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Drawing fake mustaches on Posh does not equal fun! How rude!