Loose Lips

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Those weird sores on Amy Winehouse's face? They've been diagnosed as impetigo, "a bacterial skin infection that causes pimple-like lumps," according to People, and the same infection that felled ANTM cycle 4 contestant Michelle. (It was only last summer that Dr. Jezebel diagnosed Ms. Winehouse with epidermoid cysts.) Take care of yourself Amy! • Legitimately human news about Heidi Montag: her stepbrother, Iraq and Afghanistan veteran Eric O'Hara, died in a freak accident in Colorado. He fell off of an icy roof. • Jackass "star" Steve-O is in jail on drug charges. A neighbor had called the cops on him early this morning because he overheard Steve-O vandalizing his own apartment. [People, TMZ, Us]


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Are we sure it isn't the flesh eating bacteria? Because my mom told me that she heard about how some people had this bacteria that eats your flesh or something. People are dying from it. It was on the news. Or something.