The two doctors who were investigated by the Feds in Heath Ledger's accidental overdose were cleared of all charges. Agents determined that while the doctors did prescribe meds to Ledger, they did not give him the drugs that contributed to his death. • Paper magazine listed the top ten worst nude film scenes of all time, and Philip Seymour Hoffman's bare ass in BeforeThe Devil Knows You're Dead took top honors. Paper wrote: "The image of Philip's big, bare flabby ass is branded on my brain." We say: we think PSH's pale booty is adorable, thank you very much. Real men have curves! • Angie Harmon is voting for John McCain. "There are a lot more people in L.A. voting for McCain than you think," Harmon told Us. "We have an underground Republican Party!" A party including Dennis Hopper and Chuck Norris. Sounds like a really bitchin' soiree. [TMZ, Dlisted, Us]