Kate Beckinsale got candid about her ladybits in this month's Allure: "I've only ever had about three boyfriends. Only a handful of people have seen into the Pharaoh's Tomb!" Note to Kate: you probably shouldn't compare your cooch to something cavernous that houses dead people. Even fancy dead people. • Feds are investigating two of the doctors who prescribed drugs to Heath Ledger. They have already subpoenaed documents from the NYPD and the medical examiners who investigated Heath's demise. The drugs Heath took included Ambien, Valium, Restoril, and Atavan among others. • Josh Hartnett was (gasp!) forced to fly coach on the way back to New York from Los Angeles after the Oscars. An "onlooker" told PageSix.com, Harnett tried to get upgraded but was denied. "There were so many celebs on the flight, when he went to the counter to ask about a wait list they told him, 'You're number 55.' " [Holy Moly, TMZ, Page Six]