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Eva Mendes is out of rehab. She was spotted at L.A. club Madeo last night. Stay well, pretty lady! • The Jonas Brothers say they'll stay virgins until they get married. Us takes this opportunity to present a slide show of famous former virgins like Britney, Jessica Simpson, and H. Duff. Oh how the mighty hymens have fallen! • Grey's Anatomy star T.R. Knight has a new boyfriend, AIDS activist and college student Mark Cornelsen. Cute couple alert! [TMZ, Us, Page Six]


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@mepo: The whole celebrety virginity thing is getting tired, it mythologises abstinence and is totally unrealistic.


Although I think informed abstinence in teens (and even in those older, who decide to wait to have sex till they are married...or not, whichever) is fine (and for teens....fantastic, b/c even when you offer kids real info...doesn't mean they'll use it).

That and I imagine at least a FEW teens/adolescents under 18 give up their virginity, make stupid decisions related to teen impulsiveness/shitty high school politics...and regret it.

Call me a prude...I'm not comfortable with the idea of kids under 15 (and even then, really) diving in. SOME kids are mature enough to handle it—-but plenty just aren't.

But I still want them to start teaching REAL f*cking sex-ed (or at least talking honestly about condoms, STI's, pregnancy...and date-rape, rape in general, relationship abuse, and other adolescent rungs of hell) by sixth grade. And keep doing it through middle/high school too.

Pipe dream....

Oh yeah, as for celebrity virginity, 1) Are we that sad as a country, these kids think they'll be rewarded by broadcasting that shit? and 2) You notice it's always female celebs who broadcast it (or are asked, point blank) this dumb stuff? Virgin-whore sex kitten appeal, I suppose...