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Loose Lips

Illustration for article titled Loose Lips

Sam Lufti, Britney's ex-Svengali/lover/whatever, has been served with a restraining order by Britney's parents. The order might not be valid, though, because it was supposed to be served by 1:30 p.m. yesterday. They might have to reserve him with undated paperwork, but the sentiment remains: back off, Sam! • The National Enquirer says that Jessica Alba has not just one, but two buns in the oven. Well it's the Enquirer, so take that news with the usual grain of salt. • Toddler Pax is now an official Jolie-Pitt. His adoption was approved yesterday and the family celebrated at the courthouse in Monterey. [TMZ, Enquirer via Dlisted, People]


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I read the Rolling Stone article on Brit. One of the saddest things I've ever read, the way people manipulate her. Including this fucker. Rot in jail. Or hell. Is it bad that I saw that four paps got arrested and wished all 20 or 30 or however many cover her would be? Or could they all be served with a restraining order? Wishful thinking, I guess. Sigh.