Loose Lips

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Bai Ling, the actress best known for her sartorial stumbles, has been arrested at LAX for shoplifting a pack of batteries and two tabloids. The best part of TMZ's coverage is when they say that she was placed under "citizen's arrest" by a shop clerk before getting booked by airport police. • New Indiana Jones trailer is up! Cate Blanchett looks fierce, but otherwise...meh. • During Keith Urban's Madison Square Garden concert in New York last night, he dedicated a song to preggers wife Nicole Kidman, who was in Australia during the concert, where it was already February 14. Bitch is knocked up and you're not there to fetch her ice cream! The least Urban can do is give her a shout out. [TMZ, Dlisted, People]


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And yet no one citizen arrested her for all those crappy outfits she wears?

She been committing crimes for a while but the batteries were the thing that got her caught?