Loose Lips

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"Sources" are telling TMZ that Britney is finally taking medication for her alleged bipolar disorder. According to a "professional": "She has a disease. Sometimes when you see her [on film] she's in the middle of an episode. It's like mocking someone with Down's Syndrome." Tactful as ever TMZ! Britney also had a row with Sam Lufti in front of paps this morning. She scolded him in her faux British accent. • Nancy Cartwright, who does the voice of Bart Simpson, gave the Church of Scientology $10 million last year. Ay Caramba! • Ethan Hawke and his girlfriend, Ryan Shawhughes, are expecting a child. Ethan has two other children with ex-wife Uma Thurman. In fact, he left Uma for Ryan. Ryan was his childrens' nanny. Come on dude: so cliché! [TMZ, TMZ, Dlisted, Perez]


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@blondegrlz: aww, I kind of love it. Ryan especially! Bob, def not so much!