Loose Lips

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Sean Young entered rehab today after she drunkenly heckling Julian Schnabel at the Directors Guild Awards on Saturday. • Very-pregnant Jennifer Lopez has already named her unborn spawn! She's allegedly expecting a boy and a girl, to be named Max and Emme. • Matthew McConaughey is reportedly packing on the pounds for his role in an upcoming movie called The Grackle. "My character... needs to be bull strong but meaty. Watching it happen will be fun," said Matthew. "There should be some funny stories in the tabloids because I'll still have to go out and get my belly tan." Aw, that's kinda cute! [Reuters, Star, DListed]

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@athertonmerriweather: comments seem a bit wacky today, i think we can forgive you! I just looked at a few more pics and you are actually right, there is a definite resemblance there!

@notaclevername: I can't bring myself to watch it, I had a french teacher back in the day who made me listen to mass amounts of teh Piaf. I can't hear any of her music without busting into a fit of giggles b/c I totally made out with that teachers son a few years later in college.