Britney showed up at court today...and stayed for about thirty seconds. Somehow this cameo failed to win her back any visitation or custody rights. • Several prescription medications were found at Heath Ledger's apartment, but no illegal substances were present. We think. • More from the forthcoming Kathleen Turner bio! On Burt Reynolds: "One day, we started shooting a scene that Michael Caine and I had rehearsed, where we finish each other's sentences...Making that dialogue work needed real skill...But Burt just couldn't do it. The director finally said: 'Look, why don't we just shoot line by line?' And, idiot that I am, I shot back: 'Because it's called a scene, that's why.' From that day on, Burt and I were sworn enemies... he publicly declared that the sound of my name made him want to vomit." [Us, TMZ, DListed]