More sadness to the Brad Renfro story: TMZ has confirmed that the troubled actor has a son. The name of the child will not be released; he currently lives with his mother in Japan. • Roseanne is on the political warpath. The Hillary enthusiast and former sitcom diva had this to say about Oprah's support of Obama on her blog, "Maybe if Hilary (sic) was discussing her fat thighs Oprah would have had her on." • Somehow in the Denise Richards/Charlie Sheen divorce debacle, sleazeball Sheen actually appears to be the good parent. He refused to allow Richards to let their children, Sam, 3, and Lola, 2, star with her on a reality show. Denise is taking Charlie to court so that she can legally whore their babies out. [ TMZ, Perez, DListed]