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Loose Lips

Illustration for article titled Loose Lips

Rachel Bilson is on the cover of next month's GQ, looking a little hungry. Or is she just a little airbrushed? Regardless, she tells the mag she loves hash browns, Nas, and Samuel L. Jackson. • Wanna see pics of Nicole Richie's new baby? Look here. • Trista Sutter's "Shocking New Bikini Bod" is on the cover of Us. There are so many things wrong with this, including, but not limited to: the country's sick obsession with dropping baby weight immediately, Trista's dubious "celebrity" status, the creepy cover shot of Trista lifting her baby as if it were a barbell. [Just Jared, MediaTakeOut, Us]


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I am so sick of US Weekly promoting The Hills and Trista Slutter. Sick of it. And the "lose weight now in 8 easy steps!" Step One: Become a celebrity. Step Two: Get really rich. Step Three: Hire a trainer. Sigh.

And "Shocking New Bikini Bod?" That sounds less than good, like what's shocking about it? Is there a bulge in her bikini bottom now o rwhat?

Also, the "We want another baby" crap. OK. Shut up about your weight and shut up about your babies. No one cares! Although I understand why she wants another one. Keeps getting her on US Weekly, talking about "MY BABY JOY" or "OUR STRUGGLE TO CONCEIVE" or "WHY HUBBY CAN'T GET IT UP." I swear, I'd love to see some celebrity holding a little glass jar with the headline "WHY I GOT AN ABORTION."