Loose Lips

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Nicole Richie is IN LABOR. Send some push vibes over to Cedars Sinai hospital...which is also where Christina Aguilera might be having her baby right now! Sources are reporting that she entered Cedars last night, but no news of spawn just yet. • Jamie Lynn Spears's rep claims that In Touch was off the mark when it published a story that sperminator Casey Aldridge dumped her. "They are still together and he has not asked for a paternity test," a Spears crony tells Us. [Us, ONTD, Us]



Best wishes to both of them.

The lawyer in me is saying that hell yes, he should ask for a paternity test, especially in light of the rumors that it's not his. But the lawyer in me is a heinously raving bitch who trusts practically no one.

Actually, that might just be me.