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Loose Lips

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The reason Heath Ledger has been looking a bit unkempt lately is because he appears to be playing someone homeless in Terry Gilliam's new movie, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Oh goody! We really hope Heath's involved in some fucked up post-apocalyptic capers like Brad Pitt in Twelve Monkeys. • More diva diagnosis from backseat psychologists: some Britney-watchers claim she has histrionic personality disorder, not bipolar personality disorder as was previously speculated. Perhaps Britney will have a DSM entry all her own someday? • Poor American Idol champ Taylor Hicks has lost his record deal. [A Socialite's Life, Pop Dirt, CNN]


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@titania1285: i'm also pulling this outta nowhere, but i'd look into murals in philadelphia and the green building movement in the sf bay area. i don't think either are strictly driven by young people, but young people are involved. i'm really not sure on the specifics, but from what i gather there's a former art teacher in philadelphia who gets kids and artists to paint murals in rundown parts of the city to stop graffiti, and in the bay area (i think oakland specifically) there's a guy who's focused on teaching unemployed inner city kids how to retrofit buildings to be more sustainable.

but again, those two are totally vague memories of having read something about them one time. so my apologies if i got stuff wrong.