Loose Lips

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Film producer Ash R. Shah has offered the Berlin Zoo $5 million for the rights to Knut the polar bear's story. But that's not all! Shah allegedly wants Suri Cruise to voice the formerly beleaguered bear. So far, the script consists of gurgling sounds and the words "mama" and "poopy." • Here's some pictures of Lindsay Lohan dry humping some dude at a bar in Italy. Straight class! • Speaking of classy, Pam Anderson rang in the New Year at LAX in Vegas. [Dlisted, Mollygood, A Socialite's Life]


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Stephan Zielinski

I'm still scratching my head over what the "Knut story" is supposed to actually be. What's the screenplay? Forty-five minutes of bears humping, then forty-five minutes of the perennially needy squeeing over a throw pillow that reeks of fish and sour milk?