Loose Lips

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People names the cutest couples of the year. Heidi and Seal are my fave! • Also on People's list, Vanessa Hudgens wants her manscaped boyfriend Zac Efron to stop being such a sissy when it comes to his pimples. She should just lend him some concealer and quit judging! • James Franco, Emile Hirsch, Josh Brolin and Sean Penn have all signed on to the upcoming Gus Van Sant film Milk: the true story of America's first gay elected official Harvey Milk. Sean Penn stars as the titular character and James Franco plays his lover. Can. Not. WAIT for the sex scenes! [People, Dlisted, Just Jared]


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Dear People:

I'm going to go ahead and have to strongly disagree with you on a number of your 'cutest couple' selections.

1) Tony Parker and Eva Notalentassclown. More like 'most annoying couple.'

2) Zac and Vanessa. Dude. Just let him come out. No need to put more pressure on the kid to keep on acting straight.

3) Tom and Kat'i'e. Really? There's no one else you could have come up with?

Next year, please put more effort into your list.