More than four years after the fact, a Federal appeals court ruled that CBS does not have to pay a fine for the 2004 Superbowl nipplegate. The court called the FCC's original $550,000 fine against CBS for Janet Jackson's exposed breast arbitrary and capricious. • First pics of Halle Berry's new baby girl, Nahla Ariela are here! You can't see her face but she has a very cute back-of-head area. • So nice to see Patrick Swayze out and about, looking healthy. He's still shooting his new tv show, The Beast, and even though he has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, he told paparazzi yesterday, ""I'm cookin'. I'm a miracle dude! I don't know why." Aw. • It's been a week or two since their rumored affair broke, so now there's the obligatory A-Rod and Madonna sex tape rumor! [TMZ, Us, Dlisted, Perez]