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Loose Lips

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Mark Wahlberg's daughter loves to make her daddy suffer. Wahlberg dislocated his thumb, and according to the former Marky Mark, "My four-year-old daughter is loving the fact that I'm in pain. She keeps making me play the Wii and the tennis really kills me." • Do you remember Tracy Chapman and "Fast Car" fondly? Then read this Guardian article in which she discusses feminism, activism, and Madonna. • Speaking of feminist singers, Alanis Morissette is working on a memoir in which she discusses bouts with anorexia, bulimia and statutory rape. She says she dated a 29-year-old when she was 14, and we can't help but wonder if it was Dave "Uncle Joey" Coulier. [Daily Express, Guardian, Mirror]


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Uncle Joey? Oh no. I feel like someone just took a little bit of my childhood innocence and crapped all over it.

By the way - does anyone else remember Dave Coulier getting all pissy with Jordan Knight on The Surreal Life because Jordan was all like "Those Olsen Twins are HOT man". I swear I remember him getting all offended and saying something like "They're my friends" and I thought he was uncomfortable because they were really young and he'd known them since they were babies, but reading all this I'm thinking now maybe I just projected the uncomfiness or imagined it or something...