Looking Into People's Eyes Makes You Resemble a Car Salesman

Do you look into people’s eyes when they're talking to you to show that you care? Well, stop it, it’s weird.


On the Today Show this morning, a woman named Janine Driver, president of the Body Language Institute, broke down all the ways we can be as likable as possible and how we're messing it up. High points: Don’t engage in too much eye contact or you’ll come off like a used car sales man. Low Point: If you make a steeple with your hands during a conversation, you might as well be flipping the other person off. Don’t impersonate Mr. Burns.

If you’re wondering when likability became such a thing, blame the Wall Street Journal. Last week, the paper wrote that “likability” is more important than ever in this tough economy ruled by social media and digital conferences. Increasingly, workers must come across as easy to work with, especially in spaces like video conference meetings where a misplaced frown could be misconstrued.

Be careful out there girls, resting bitch face might get you fired these days.

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