Huh!? Despite supposedly massive turnout from Dittoheads, Barack Obama does not appear to be losing by huge margins (any more) in Indiana. Maybe Chris Hitchens didn't try hard enough to expose Obama's wife as the second coming of Angela Davis! Karl Rove is on Fox, crediting positive economic newsflow for Obama's win. (Because you would never vote for the candidate actually known for listening to economists unless you had evidence that the American economy was performing well without following a single piece of advice economists had ever given it!) Anyway, Hillary's campaign is looking imperiled. Mark Abinder thinks it's the new Great Schism! (Not to be confused with the New Decameron.) Barry is winning by a fourteen-point margin with everything but the racist vote favoring him.

"It's like the last time you take the pet to the vet..." CNN's Alex Castellanos just said of Hillary's campaign. Evocative! Indiana, where Clinton is winning but by narrowing margins (and beautiful downtown Gary has yet to report; Fox News seems to sense some sort of conspiracy at work but they're not giving me enough hints as to what the fuck they're hinting at) has 72 delegates at stake to North Carolina's 115.

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