Looking for a pencil sharpener that simultaneously files your Dixon Ticonderoga and denigrates women? Feministing points us to this supremely insulting office product portraying a headless female body on all fours taking a pencil up the ass. It's the perfect companion gift to go along with that miniskirt-shaped mousepad (you can put your hand up a skirt all day long!) for the favorite misogynist in your life. [Feministing]

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Maybe this is overly analytical, but to me the pencil sharpener seems way worse than the mouse pad — the sharpener makes the mouse pad seem downright playful.

Fortunately (?) the concept here is unisex. A male prototype should be easy to draw up. Whoever's in the inventive mood might also consider a "disposable" shenis — something you could use a flush. How awesome would that be?