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Look At This

Entertainment Weekly revealed its latest cover and there’s one thing about it that immediately pops out.


Yes, it appears that EW* has reunited the cast of Blossom. That includes Mayim Bialik—star of the worst celebrated show on television, Big Bang Theory—and Joey “Whoa!” Lawrence. ‘Memba them? Explaining the origins of Blossom, Bialik tells the mag, “A very smart female executive suggested he [the show’s creator] make it about a girl. Which at the time, in 1989-1990, was unheard of. ‘Why would you make a show about a girl?’” Indeed, and that’s what happened.

*If you too were blinded by the Blossom news, you may have missed that Idris Elba is featured on the cover with his shirt open to reveal his bare chest. He’s promoting The Mountain Between Us, the movie where he’s stranded on a mountain with Kate Winslet and there’s a lot of figurative space between them.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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I will probably watch The Mountain Between Us, since Idris, but...I feel like what the film-makers should have really done was take all these ‘crashed with an enemy that we have to collaborate with to survive’ and just...mash them together.

So, like Idris Elba has found out his wife is having an affair with Kate Winslet, so he crashes them both into a mountain in a complex revenge plan. Only it turns out that there’s a wolf on the mountain that is still pissed off after Liam Neeson got away. So Kate and Idris have to work together to survive! Or Idris and the wolf.

*edit to add, I did not ass myself to check the actual plots on wikipedia, and I only have a vague memory of that Anthony Hopkins film. So who knows.