London Is the Best City for Taking Your Oligarch Ex to the Cleaners

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Dahling! Are you looking to shuck your megarich spouse while retaining as much of his/her money as possible? Then get yourself a flat in swinging London.

The Washington Post reports that following a 2000 precedent, English courts tend to treat both parties in a marriage as equal partners and split everything even-steven—even if one spouse is by far and away the breadwinner. "They are equal partners in a marriage, and they are entitled equally to share in the fruits of that marriage," explained lawyer and "Diva of Divorce" Ayesha Vardag. So you don't get screwed if you're dumped after a decade spent raising the kids and throwing invaluable business dinners.

But of course, London is now crawling with the international superrich, and so it's become very popular with aspiring divorcees. For instance, take Tan Sri Khoo Kay Peng and Pauline Chai, a pair the Post describes as "a fabulously wealthy fashion tycoon" and "a former Miss Malaysia with an Imelda Marcos-scale shoe fetish," respectively. Chai wants their divorce handled in England; Peng demands it be settled in Malaysia. They've got good reasons:

"People are a lot more international than they used to be, and there's just a lot more money sloshing around," said Timothy Scott, a prominent divorce attorney who represents Peng and counts Mick Jagger among his former clients. "There are more and more wealthy people who find it's worth arguing over." .... "I've advised wives who are contemplating divorce that it's probably a good idea to get a home in England," Scott said. "A year's residence is all they need."


Plus, London's high-end shopping is so tip-top you'll be sitting pretty when it's time to fritter the fortune away. Cheerio!

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Gabriel Curio

If I remember right, the UK doesn't recognize prenuptial agreements. That's why a lot of divorcees try to get their case heard there. The UK is trying to discourage this, because there are tons of people with little connection to the UK trying to get divorced there. EU laws make this hard to stop.

The whole thing is pretty complicated.