London Fashion Week: Slightly Tailored, Slightly Bound

We're about halfway through London Fashion Week, and though we're not there in the flesh, some of us are there in spirit. [Meaning, Jennifer. -Ed.]After taking a gander at what's shown so far, we're happy to see that many of our English mates share our desire to embrace a feminized menswear sensibility. (Note the lovely and sedate looks shown by TopShop, shown at left.) Those who went less minimalist though? Big oy. The good, the bad, and the ugly of London Fashion Week so far, after the jump.

The Good:


Doru Lolwu makes us have 50's nostalgia; Paul Smith Woman finds a moment of Calvin Klein in a sea of nouveau prep; and and Marios Schwab keeps things tailored.

Luella Bartley makes sex look classy; Peter Jensen channels Jean Seberg; and TopShop keep everything crisp and clean.

The Bad:


Danielle Scutt went for the leopard / bondage look (Liza Minnelli on a bad day?); Louise Goldin took knitwear somewhere knitwear just shouldn't have gone; and Christopher Kane got lost in ruffles.

The Ugly:


Gareth Pugh. Wow: This just screams ready-to-wear to us, doesn't it?

[All images except TopShop via; TopShop images via]

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