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LOLVogue: We Have A Winner!

Illustration for article titled LOLVogue: We Have A Winner!

Last week, we kicked off our new LOLVogue feature with a nidded scarf, fork earrings and an invisible Vespa. Then, on Monday we unleashed a new pack of LOLVogues — including a blank page from the September issue in need of a caption. There have been dozens of submissions deserving of praise (an honorable mention goes to Jezebel reader "!" for the double-entendre'd: i gets high on camera. i pwnd k8 mozz.) but only one, of course, can be crowned the winner. After the jump, we mock-up the gold-medalist:

Illustration for article titled LOLVogue: We Have A Winner!

Congratulations to PinkSoxHat, who will receive a coupon for a couple of McDonald's cheeseburgers. May you eat them in the best of health as you dream of a Wintour wonderland.


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Dodai Stewart

@PinkSoxHat: hey, i want to ask you a question: email me! dodai at jezebel dot com — thanks!