LOLVogue: Teh Billee Goatz Gruff (And Contest!)

Someone was smoking some really strong shit when they came up with the Burning-Man-esque "Natural High" photo shoot in the October issue of Vogue. Three lithe, billy goat-ish moddles are on a rocky landscape, under a blazing sun, wearing huge shaggy furs, and the magazine calls it "beastly beauty." Add "hooflike heels" and you've got a lurid fairy tale — without the bridge, troll or moral. It's hallucinatory and ridiculous. But! I mock because I love! Which is why, inspired by LOLCats, here is another episode of LOLVogue. After the jump: We're in ur magazeen, puttin werdz on ur moddles. (And! A contest!)


OMG. OH NOES. THIS MODDLE HAZ NO CAPSHUN. RITE A SUGGESSHUN IN TEH COMMINTZ!!!11!! TEH WINNR GITZ A CHEEZBURGR. SRSLY. Earlier: LOLVogue: Sumwon Elss Kleanz Up (Plus Contest!) LOLVogue: I Can Haz Wind Tunnel? LOLVogue: All Dat Glitterz Iz Mah Pantz LOLVogue: Superhero Photo Shoot Gets Super Stoopid French LOLVogue: I Can Has My Close-Up? I Can Has Jeetann? C'est LOLVogue En Faux Français LOLVogue: Teh Hare Toss & Teh Bunnee Hop LOLVogue: Tard Moddles & Bahlinceeyagga Bon Joor, C'est Paris LOLVogue Encore! LOLVogue: Sheez Over Ayteen, I Sware LOLVogue: Hungry Moddles & Rorschach Tests LOLVogue: Carbs, Botox & Pink-Eye LOLVogue: Good Help Is Hard To Find Mon Dieu! C'est French LOLVogue: Shoulders, Champagne and Cigarettes LOLVogue: Starving Models & Marionettes LOL'Vogue': Scarves, Silverware & Scooters Related: LOLLost: Srsly, Guiz, Dis Izland Is Weeerd

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