LOLVogue: Superhero Photo Shoot Gets Super Stoopid

The May issue of Vogue is really weird. From the RoboGwyneth cover and interior spread (do Vogue readers care a whit about Iron Man?) to the fact that Smallville's Tom Welling (???) is in a photo shoot, it's all kinds of creeptastic. This has something to do with the fact that this month, The Costume Institute's spring show is about superhero style, and Vogue always considers the opening night shindig to be the gala of the year. Anyway, there's a photo story, shot by Craig McDean, that was begging for the LOL treatment. (Familiarize yourself here.) These "superheroes" in evening gowns may not be able to save your life, but they can try and distract you from the drudgery of your day. We're puttin werds on ur moddles, after teh jump.


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