Even though the November issue of Vogue has a lovely fashion spread featuring Natalia Vodianova, her husband and kids, it was too busy to LOL. On the other hand, the "Chill Factor" spread, inspired by global warming and vacations (no, really) was almost too boring to LOL: How many times can we see an expressionless moddle on a beige background, jumping? Even though the shoot is dull, it's good fun to try and LOL anyway; and there's a contest, too! After the jump, as usual: We're in ur magazeen, puttin werds on ur moddles.


OMG. OH NOES. THIS MODDLE HAZ NO CAPSHUN. RITE A SUGGESSHUN IN TEH COMMINTZ!!!11!! TEH WINNR GITZ A CHEEZBURGR. SRSLY. Earlier: LOLVogue: Teh Billee Goatz Gruff (And Contest!) LOLVogue: I Can Haz Wind Tunnel? LOLVogue: All Dat Glitterz Iz Mah Pantz LOLVogue: Superhero Photo Shoot Gets Super Stoopid French LOLVogue: I Can Has My Close-Up? I Can Has Jeetann? C'est LOLVogue En Faux Français LOLVogue: Teh Hare Toss & Teh Bunnee Hop LOLVogue: Tard Moddles & Bahlinceeyagga Bon Joor, C'est Paris LOLVogue Encore! LOLVogue: Sheez Over Ayteen, I Sware LOLVogue: Hungry Moddles & Rorschach Tests LOLVogue: Carbs, Botox & Pink-Eye LOLVogue: Good Help Is Hard To Find Mon Dieu! C'est French LOLVogue: Shoulders, Champagne and Cigarettes LOLVogue: Starving Models & Marionettes LOL'Vogue': Scarves, Silverware & Scooters Related: LOLLost: Srsly, Guiz, Dis Izland Is Weeerd