From the preliminaries of the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. earlier today: Oh noes!! 11! Spellin, Ur Doin It Rong!!1!

Lol!!11!! Jermun root!

I can haz nap? Tard frum spelling.

Little Keira Knightley sez: "atonement, let me spell u it."


Invizible Pictionary!

O hai. I can haz definishun?


Oh noes! Wut is Lattin root?

Pronunsiayshun: ur doin it rong.


Tiny speller sez: I is wize beeond my yeers.

I can haz in sentunse? Kthxbai.


Pree-Rafalite. I iz it.

I haz in bag.


If u cud reed my mind...u don evin wanna no.

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