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LOLPosh: She's Alive!

Illustration for article titled LOLPosh: Shes Alive!

Yesterday I dreamed of a world in which a LOLPosh was possible. Then commenter 'jrae' made my LOLPosh dream come true! On my first day at Jezebel! So I'd like to thank her for this little piece of genius, and award her the prize of her very own cheeseburger, available at her local McDonald's. Or, if she's a never-miss-a-Whopportunity kind of girl, Burger King. Just go ahead and treat yourself, jrae. you deserve it. Send me the bill and I'll reimburse you in 6 to 8 weeks!*


*offer not good in the U.S.

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Galaxy Girl

Yay! Glad I could welcome ya with a bang. ;) You know I was wondering if I used the best caption- because your "Posh can has cheezburger?" would've been pretty funny too...

It's funny that you offer a cheeseburger as the prize, because after making that LOLposh my boyfriend and I had to immediately go out and eat cheeseburgers at our local diner. :) Searching for the perfect cheeseburger clip art is a risky endeavour when hungry... hehe. ;)