Lobbyist groups are banging down the FDA's doors, asking the agency to yank the birth-control patch Ortho-Evra off pharmacists' shelves and insisting that it poses high risk of potentially-fatal blood clots and at much higher rates of instance than the drug companies are disclosing. The higher estrogen levels that patch users are exposed to seem to be the source of the problem, though of course Big Pharm begs to differ. One thing is for sure ladies, if you're on hormone-based birth control — of any sort — Do. Not. Smoke. [NYT]

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I love the IUD. I had a non-hormonal one and I got it free in our socialized medical system, natch. But to purchase one would have been US$100, if I didn't want to wait the 2 weeks I waited.

Rejection is basically caused by poor insertion, or after a few years. You are supposed to have it in for 5 years, and it was ok although once in the 3 year mark or so, I needed to have it moved back in place cause it had tilted a bit to the side. If that hadn't been taken care of, I could potentially have expelled it, but it made me feel crampy so I knew to go to the doctor immediately.

I'm totally getting another IUD after I have a baby.