Liz Lemon's Dream Date: Napping, Eating, Internet Gossip

Oh Liz Lemon. You are ever so infinitely relatable. From your love of off-brand bodega cheese curls to your favorite activities, we always feel a kindred spirit. On last night's 30 Rock, Liz was courted by an eccentric, allegedly agoraphobic millionaire played by Steve Martin. She visited him at his Connecticut estate, and wondered how their courtship will work since he can't leave the house. "We'd probably just sit around all weekend and watch TV. There's not much else to do up here but eat, read celebrity gossip on the internet and nap the day away," he explained. Um…SWOON!!!! Except for the part about not having sex that he mentions later, we are so on board for this relationship. Of course, it all falls apart before the end of the episode, but that fantasy of full tummied nap days can last forever. Clip above.

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Erin Gloria Ryan

If he would have turned out to be agoraphobic, I wouldn't have blamed him, after that whole debacle with the wedding and then his wife and daughter being pregnant at the same time.