Living the Dream: Guy Rushes Pippa Middleton and Gives Her a Kiss

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Pippa and James Middleton, sister and brother of Kate Middleton, took part in the Vasaloppet cross-country ski marathon today in Sweden. The two skied the 56-mile course to raise money for charity, but Pippa had another reason to smile as she crossed the finish line: A mysterious stranger came running out of the crowd of spectators and planted a big kiss on her cheek. She handled it very gracefully, and he is now probably hero to the millions of men who've fallen for Pippa since she made her public debut at the Royal wedding.


It turns out his name is Erik Smedhs, and he described his decision to plant one on Pippa as, "[T]otally spontaneous, really innocent, just a cheek kiss." As might be expected, he enjoyed the experience, "For having been skiing for 56 miles she was surprisingly fresh." Ahh, naturally. Apparently before landing one on her, he explained himself, so as to not seem like a total creep: "I told her that we have a tradition here in Mora when you reach the goal and then I kissed her. It actually is a tradition, but just for the winner of the race." Oh, well, rules schmules.

Poor James, the oft forgotten third sibling in the Middleton family made good time—finishing in six hours and 37 minutes—but did not receive any kisses from random admirers. He'll just have to be happy with the satisfaction that he beat his sister (who came in at seven hours and 13 minutes) in the oldest, and one of the longest, cross-country ski races in the world. Ho hum.


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Oh James Middleton... during the wedding, was I the only one thinking that he would look awesome in drag?