Eatonville, FL, the first all-black town in the U.S. to incorporate and the childhood home of Zora Neale Hurston, was described, in detail, in her books Mules and Men and Their Eyes Were Watching God. Though she was once a literary star, a contemporary of Langston Hughes and the only black woman at Barnard College in the 1920s, when she died in 1960, Hurston was buried in an unmarked grave. But as time passed, the importance of Hurston - -and Eatonville — began to be recognized. These days, Eatonville has joined the national historic registry and there is a "Zora!" festival once a year. The Times has video and an interactive map in addition to information about this historic town, which, in many ways, remains as it was in the 1930s. [NY Times]