Liveblogging The Start Of Rachel Maddow's News Hegemony

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Rachel Maddow's show premieres tonight! Squee! And, for real, just to be able to watch it, I am sitting tethered to my Blackberrry like its the convention again, watching it on a 13 inch TV in an un-air-conditioned house. That's how committed I am!! It starts after the jump (with her appearance on Olbermann!) It starts, like usual, after the jump.10:00 ET: That's it! If you've got something to say, email "them" or stick around in the comments. 9:59 ET: She goes out on footage of the White House T-ball game and how Bush made all the Joint Chiefs participate. Kent says, "It might have been less humiliating if he let them pitch!" Bonus rogering reference about Bush and the Joint Chiefs right after Rachel mentions that Bush took neocon think tank advice over theirs per Woodward's book? Kent redeems himself. He can be the most annoying bastard, but if he can work in the buttsecks references under the radar, he's my boy. 9:58 ET: Lance Armstrong might come out of retirement in 2009. Kent is a little annoying. 9:57 ET: "Just Enough" with Kent Jone on pop culture? Ok, whatevs. MTV Video Music Awards: Rihanna, P!nk, Jonas Brothers, and then Britney Speaks won three awards including video of the year? Man, the things you miss. 9:54 ET: "It's a little unfair to accuse me of trashing her religion and then trash [Jeremiah Wright], Pat. But it was a pleasure to have you." She needs to have a fucking hook for him. Or a slave hood she could zip shut like The Gimp from Pulp Fiction. 9:54 ET: "I would love to ask her that, but I'm afraid the campaign would think me not appropriately deferential." ZING. 9:52 ET: It's also unfair to criticize her church, according to Pat. She's a Pentacostal, by the way, not an evangelical. He accuses Rachel of "trashing" that religion. 9:51 ET: "It was the scruvy lies and slanders on the DailyKos... They didn't do this to John Edwards." Rachel points out that all blogs did cover it while the MSM didn't, and the MSM wouldn't if Palin hadn't put the statement out. 9:50 ET: It's Pat! His combover is way less obvious on TV than in person. Also, he's pissed that the Washington Post put Bristol Palin's pregnancy above the fold... and that's, like, totally unobjective of the, 9:48 ET: Keeping Sarah away from the media. Rick Davis calls coverage of her "unobjective." On Fox News. No irony. 9:48 ET: FedEx lemming commercial! Love this commercial! 9:47 ET: Alli commercial! I like my fat ass, thanks. Sometimes. I like it better than shitting weird, anyway. 9:44 ET: "We are Day 9 into Sarah Palin's Media Avoidance Tour." Also, she calls Pat Buchanan her fake uncle and shows Michelle Obama dancing and Michelle looks fucking awesome dancing and is better than Barack. Michelle and I need to go dancing. Michelle, call me! 9:43 ET: She says Obama's message is that, "Did you like the last 8 years? Great, go vote for John McCain??" Umm, the fuck? Yeah, not so much. 9:41 ET: Rosa doesn't have a good answer: we're really divided, national polls don't matter, polls don't capture new voters, Sarah Palin's too divisive and Obama has more of a can-do attitude than Palin. Yeah, seriously, remain not impressed with Rosa. And not because I'm a whiny, trying-to-lose hang-wringer. 9:40 ET: Rachel asks a good question: if Obama's so totally going to win, why are they tied. 9:39 ET: LA Times columnist Rosa Brooks. "Democrats seize every opportunity to wring their hands." I already find her a little annoying. 9:38 ET: Ooh, they just show Barack being sarcastic: "With the exception of [every policy issue under the sun, John McCain] is totally going to shake things up in Washington." 9:35 ET: Back to Olbermann's Obama interview! Obama likes the John McSame meme. Rachel doesn't seem to be buying that he is better off sticking to his current tactics. 9:32 ET: Congress won't take up SCHIP again despite the fact that Republicans don't want to have to vote against it before an election because they're scared of the veto pen. Wahhhh. 9:30 ET: Federal government took over Fannie Mae and Federal Mac. McCain twice was all about not bailing them out: now, naturally, he's all for it. Palin said today that they've become too big and expensive for taxpayers... only they weren't until the federal government took them over. 9:29 ET: Underreported stories! Yay! First up: the GSA wants the government to repeal post 9/11 safety codes because developers won't make enough money if they have to put up glow tape in stairwells. Man, when will the Bushies be evac'd from D.C. again? 9:26 ET: eHarmony commercial. They don't allow Teh Gayz to participate, but apparently enough lonely straights watch Rachel anyway. Then AT&T and Crestor for the Oldz. 9:26 ET: Awww, Rachel hits on one of my bugaboos — Congress should fucking pass some legislation Bush has threatened to veto. Fuck his veto! Fuck it! 9:25 ET: McCain is now saying they won't let Palin give an interview until they're sure the media would be "appropriately deferential." The media is supposed to be deferential? Where the fuck did that get this country after 9/11? 9:24 ET: He's never endorsed a candidate since he's been a pastor? Is that even allowed anymore? 9:22 ET: Rachel wants to know if its appropriate to ask Palin about why she sat in church and listened to that crap, and T.D. says we should ask her if she believes it but it isn't fair to judge her for not being rude to a guest speaker. Man, he's so even-tempered. I guess Rachel's leaving the fire-breathing for Olbermann. I'm kind of cool with that. 9:21 ET: He says politicians prolly shouldn't speak for God as it related to war. Amen. 9:20 ET: Bishop T.D. Jakes is here! 9:19 ET: Jews for Jesus founder preached of her church, and God uses terrorism to express His displeasure with Jews. Can we officially say Jews for Jesus people are as creepy as Scientologists. 9:18 ET: God has a plan for Iraq (according to Sarah Palin? Hmmmm, could that be... Barack Obama? 9:16 ET: Cialis commercial. I guess it's not just women that think Rachel Maddow is fucking hot. 9:15 ET: Sarah Palin's pastor thinks that Alaska will be a refuge during the apocalypse... Man, evangelicals make Catholic orthodoxy look completely rational. 9:14 ET: Pro-drilling commercial? WTF? 9:13 ET: "Unlike chocolate and peanut butter, church and state are not two great tastes that go great together," says Rachel. 9:12 ET: Rick Davis said that this campaign isn't about the issues? WTF? 9:11 ET: "If anyone is the ideological heir to George W. Bush, it's Sarah Palin." No, Rachel didn't say it, but it was a great line. 9:06 ET: Breaking down how Sarah P