The bitch is back, baby! The Secret Service has cleared all ferrets from a 10 block radius, the word "9/11" waits for its opportunity to shine and somewhere, Judith Nathan lies in wait to sink her claws back into her sugar daddy. Or mommy, whatever.10:27 ET: And he's out. 10:26 ET: Rudy talks sexism. The crowd cheers. 10:23 ET: Obama is too cosmopolitan and flashy. Rudy ought to know. Also, he's gone on so long he's about to bump Palin out of prime time, for real. 10:22 ET: Picking an old guy as VP was a bad thing, says Rudy, ignoring obvious ironies. 10:21 ET: Obama should call McCain for foreign policy advice and people shout shout shout. Man, is Rudy ever gonna shut up? 10:20 ET: Rudy makes fun of Obama's many foreign policy advisers. Good think McCain only has one for us to mock. 10:19 ET: Biden should get the VP thing in writing? With all the Eagleton rumors swirling around, Sarah Palin really ought to. 10:16 ET: Giving up on Iraq = giving up on America because we're all in this together and America can't lose. Other than, like, in Vietnam maybe. 10:16 ET: 9/11 reference! Drink! Also, it's totes cool to insult a religion, if you didn't know. 10:13 ET: The crowd shouts "Drill, baby, drill." There are a lot of unfulfilled female and gay male delegates in the house, apparently. Also, Rudy's dentures are freaky looking. 10:12 ET: "Hope is not a strategy." Neither is the status quo. Just sayin'. 10:11 ET: Spencer IMs from home: "Cindy mouths 'he's good'" I reply: "Cindy probs mouths a lot of things." I'm 13, yes I am. Apparently, John McCain will make me feel safe. How's about I cuddle with both of them (I'll take that for the team) and then decide? 10:10 ET: Spencer Ackerman IM's: "He'th never had to lead people in crithith!" 10:09 ET: You can seeee him struggling not to say "9/11." 10:07 ET: Rudy Giuliani unfamiliar with Hoyle's rules of order. "As President of the United States, it's not good enough to be present." Someone probs should've mentioned that to Bush before now. 10:06 ET: Let's make fun of community organizing? Niiice. To Republicans, that's a "zero" as they keep shouting. They also boo Chicago. 10:04 ET: America comes first, unless there's money to be made, in which case it's totes cool to represent foreign governments the way Rudy Giuliani and McCain foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann do. That's the American way. 10:03 ET: Another torture reference. Did you know John McCain had been tortured? "Great American Hero! G.I. Joe is there!!!" 10:02 ET: Rudy sees nothing funny about telling celebrities they aren't citizens of America. We're back to "USA! USA!" 10:01 ET: He's still not running for President, by the way. This election is a turning point... 10:00 ET: Good thing I peed during Michael Steele, they are really stacked up together!