We know that Sarah pretends that Levi Johnston is welcome to the Palin family's Thanksgiving dinner, and that she doesn't blame herself for the GOP losing the presidential election, but what else will she say!? We're live blogging it now!

4:58 Oprah asked Sarah if she should be "worried" about the rumor that she heard that Sarah's getting a talk show. Sarah didn't say no. All she said was, "Oprah, you shouldn't be worried. You're the queen."


4:55 Oprah isn't buying Sarah's reasoning for quitting her job as governor of Alaska.

4:52 Here's a clip of Sarah explaining how she wants to "empower" women through pro-life.

4:50 O's camera crew followed Sarah around Wasilla on Halloween. This is pretty dang cute:


4:45 Sarah has so far said "dang" three different times during this interview.

4:40 Sarah seems more pissed off that Levi said that she never went to hockey games than when he said that she was a bad mother and that Bristol raised Piper.


4:38 Here's a clip of Sarah speaking about her difference of opinion with the campaign on how to handle the news of Bristol's pregnancy.

4:34 Interestingly, Sarah writes in her book that she considered having an abortion in Louisiana when she found out she was pregnant with Trig, because "no one would know." And in that moment, she "understood" women who get abortions because it's an "easy way out," but decided to stick to her vowels.

4:30 Sarah also said that Katie was mostly just pissed at her for answering "the abortion question" from the heart, and kept re-asking it (12 times) because she hoped that Sarah would give a different answer than she's "pro-life" and wants to "empower women" by telling them they're strong enough to have the baby.


4:27 Sarah said that her original interview with Katie Couric was supposed to be a "light-hearted, two working moms" kind of interview (on the evening news? really?) and found Katie's badgering "annoying," and that she had a partisan agenda. I always accidentally type "parmesan" when I try to type "partisan."

4:22 It is really interesting though, to hear these behind-the-scenes stories about how the campaign was run. McCain's people repeatedly got angry with Sarah for going "off script." Her answer was that she "couldn't find the script." Also, she claims that she didn't know that the campaign pulled out of Michigan because her VP team never told her, which is why she was shocked and went "off script" when asked about it by reporters. I love that she continually blames her own ignorance for many of her issues. At least that part is somewhat honest.

4:19 Sarah says that she didn't appreciate the campaign giving her family makeovers. That's not what Levi said. He told Vanity Fair that Sarah and her daughters loved the designer clothes, and that it was Sarah who forced him to cut his mullet (which he spent a lot of time growing).


4:17 Sarah says that the McCain campaign had opinions on everything, from what she wore, and what she should eat. They recommended the Atkins diet to her. Wasn't she always pretty trim, even while pregnant?

4:10 Sarah seems bitter about the way the campaign handled Bristol's pregnancy. She didn't like the press release they wrote, so she rewrote it, and then the campaign released the original instead. She said that should have been a warning sign of "things to come," I guess meaning how the campaign didn't trust her judgment or writing abilities.


4:06 I'm pretty sure Sarah is wearing a wig or a fall of some kind. Real Housewife of Wasilla.

4:01 Oprah is clearing up the "snubbing" rumors first. I love that her first question to Sarah is about herself. But Sarah answered with something that is most likely not true: She didn't know about it! Just like she "didn't know" that Bristol got sexually activated by Levi. But I liked her answer to Oprah, "[The snubbing] wasn't the center of my universe." Zing!